Monday, July 25, 2011

Thing #23

I can't believe I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!  When I started this class I did not know much about technology.  I just used it to do the basic things.  However, now I feel like a whole new world has just opened up for me.  I know that there is so much more to learn however, I have a place to start, to start exploring and seeing what is out there.  The one problem that I have is getting lost on the net.  With three little boys I don't have time to spend just surfing the web.  Hours will pass and I am not even sure where the time went.

I learned lots of new things that I still use.  My favorite was google docs.  I can see my self using that at work to get my paperwork done.  I like it better than word and excel.  Also, I am using the RSS and Delicious everyday.  I like that I don't have to go many places to read the things I need to.  I mean who has time for that.  I have found lots of resources for counseling.  I know that students respond well to technology using things such as blabberize will help reluctant students to hopefully open up.  I have shown my blog to my family who was quite impressed.  I am glad the blog is out there so I can refer back to it during the year to see a quick review of the things I learned. 

The class was organized in a very user friendly format.  I liked that it was self paced.  I learned so much about time management.  Thanks to all who read my blogs, made comments, and encouraged me.  I couldn't have done it with out you. 

Thing# 22

I was surprised to see this site classroom 2.0!!  I never knew such a site existed.  I do use face book.  However, I am very careful and only show my profile to my friends.  I am one of those people who have a hard time sharing information and just talking to someone I do not really know.  There were some things on this social networking sites that interested me.  I read an article about ADHD students and the use of smart boards.  I saw lots of different groups and forums.  This could be a great resource to get ideas so the wheel does not have to be reinvented.  However, most of the information I saw were for teachers.  As a counselor I do not see my self using this very often.  It does have lots of neat sites that other educators have gone to that I have never heard of before.  They even give their feedback on the sites.  This would be something that I would share with other teachers on campus.  I think a new teacher could use this to get many ideas and start adding to his/her files.  I was glad that we did not have to sign up to see the site!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thing # 7b

An article that I read on my RSS that really interested me was E-Book liabrary expands offerings. It was a real eye opener to me to see how technology is changing our world.  I couldn't believe that they were adding more to their already existing 19,000 titles.  The cool thing about it was anyone can get a free trial before buying it.  Also, with e book it seems like everything is available with a simple click like the table of contents.  The ebooks mentioned includes print, save and share capabilities and full text searching.  There was a related article on the side that interested me.  The article was titled K - 12 educators' view on e-books.  I went ahead and read that article to.  Now I see how this can get addicting:) 

Thing #21

Twitter was something I had heard a lot about but never explored. Honestly I probably would have never went there if it was not for this class. I have a facebook account and I also have a orkut account. Orkut is what I use to stay in touch with my friends and family from UK and India. However, noone I know has twitter. I went in and created an account. That part was very easy to do. It was very simple to search what you needed. I felt it was different from facebook and orkut. I really don't see myself using it very much. I am not much of a celebrity news follower and don't always keep up with current news. I do not want to be connected with many social networking sites because I have seen people addicted to them and I do not want to be one of them. I did some searches on school counseling and got lots of interesting things. However, just to see I did a search on divorce to see what it would bring up. I was seeing if I could help my counseling students who come talk to me because of divorced parents. However, I did not get anything that would be helpful for students. Now that I have an account set up I might go and explore more when I have time. Overall I am glad I learned about it.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thing # 20

Google Docs is one of the most useful tools yet. I always use microsoft word but I find this even easier. I like the fact that everything is right there. It is so easy to make a table and put pictures into the document. Since it was summer time I did not really have anything specific that I was working on. I just played around with it and found it very user friendly. I will definitely be using this this coming school year for things like parent permission slips and other documents.

The spreadsheet was also very user friendly. At this present time I am busy coordinating VBS at my church. I thought that it would be a good idea to use this spreadsheet to make a schedule for VBS. I even shared it with one of the other coordinators. As a counselor I am in charge of keeping up with 504 students and at risk students. This will be a very helpful tool to create spreadsheets of this information. I consider myself very lucky that our district provides us a account for this:)

Thing # 19

I think voice thread is a great program that could be very helpful to educate my students but also integrate them into the learning experience. This kind of reminded me of blabberize. Students can add their own voices to pictures and watch videos that their teachers have made. Similar to podcast this is learning that can happen outside the classroom. Some ideas would be to use this in teachers' blogs so that students can refer back to the material. I did find one that be helpful in a counseling situation. This voice thread can be used to talk about feelings:

Thing # 18

You tube is something that I am very familiar with.  My boys love searching for cartoons and song videos on You Tube.  I have even used it when doing guidance lessons at school.  Once when I was doing a Moving on to Middle School lesson with 5th graders we explored you tube on how to open a locker combination.  It had step by step directions that the students could follow.  They could even go home and with parent permission view the video at home.  You tube has hundreds hundreds of how to videos.  The links to these videos can be shared with parents in teachers blogs so that they could see them at home.  However, videos MUST be viewed by teachers to make sure it is appropriate for their students.  I have never used teacher tube before.  This was a new experience for me.  I viewed a social skills video on teacher tube that would be appropriate for my elementary students.