Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thing #10

I went a little out of order because I am waiting for permission to get on the wiki.  While I wait I thought I will go ahead and read about creative commons.  I have noticed the C on papers and things but to be honest I have never noticed the cc.  I like the video where it compared it to a red light and green light I thought that was a easy to follow comparison.  I remember there was a time when songs were first put online and people were downloading them illegally from sites like limewire????  I always thought that was not right.  If someone does not want you to copy there work I think it should be respected.  However, after reading this I realize that even sometimes photographs, and other things we may not think is a big deal may have a copyright on it.  I am glad that there is a cc and people are willing to share what they have created.  I am not a very creative person myself.  However, if there are things out there then it is a good resource for me to go find it and use it.  I am happy that the internet has so much out there.  However, we need to teach our children how to properly use it and when to respect others work.

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