Saturday, July 16, 2011

Thing #5

The RSS seems like a very cool feature.  I am still getting a hang of it.  I subscribed to the two on my google feeder.  The tech learning one has lots of interesting articles to read.  However, it is overwhelming.  There is just so much to read and not enough time.  I am going to like the fact that I do not have to open so many different pages and view so many different things to get to the pages I need.  That is very frustrating.  I have never heard of the RSS but it is something I am looking forward to.

The item of interest for me from my reader was Apps for Autism
it was very interesting to see the part about apps that could be used to teach social skills to those on the autism spectrum.  As a counselor I have seen many Autistic students use I pads and they seemed very interested.  I recently got an Iphone and have found it very interesting for teaching students.  It seems to really capture their attention.  Also, the related articles on the side really caught my attention.  Especially the one titled Cheap Apps.  I could really see my self getting lost in this.

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