Saturday, July 16, 2011

Thing # 6

This thing took me a very long time to do.  I went through many blogs and subscribed to two educational blogs in my RSS.  One was entitled Moving to the Speed of Creativity.  In this blog I was interested in the article about the child's right to online privacy.  In this article it talked about the importance of sitting down with a child and explaining to them what does and doesn't remain private online.  Other articles that caught my attention after I subscribed to the RSS was about how to talk to your students about copy right and how to undo a mistake on iphones by shaking it.  Another blog I subscribed to was Action Reaction.  The artice about the $2 white boards really interested me.  I loved the idea of using white boards for instruction.  They even mentioned prometheam boards.  This is something that I am trying to use in my guidance lessons.  I searched for elementary counselor in the google blog search.  I found a blog from a school counselor at McNair Elem.  This was interesting to me because it is something that I would like to start one day for my parents.  I know it is impossible to read all of it.  However, like a newspaper it is good to be able to look through and read things that capture my attention.  I subscribed to two classmates blogs as well.  Wow this gets more exciting by the minute.

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